About dāna – in the spirit of generosity

EmptyVajjarasana+bodhitreeThe peace and beauty of the retreat and study centres used by Bodhi College provide a sanctuary of calm stillness, welcoming all those who wish to explore the heart of understanding and freedom. Your donations will make an invaluable contribution to both the teachers and the Bursary Fund, allowing as many as possible to attend our courses. Generosity is a practice that diminishes self-centredness and includes the wellbeing of others in our actions.

Dāna in the Buddhist Tradition

Dāna is the Pali and Sanskrit word for generosity. Following the example of the historical Buddha, the teachings of the Dharma are given freely without any sense of their having a monetary value. In return, students are invited to express their appreciation by making a freely offered gift in return for the teachers’ generosity. There is no correct or expected sum to be donated; the amount depends entirely on your ability and willingness to give. Such an offering is called dāna.

Dāna at Bodhi College

All courses offered by Bodhi College operate on the principle of dāna. What you pay for your course covers the administrative costs, teachers’ travel expenses, and your board and lodging. At the end of the course (or a module within a course), you will be invited to contribute to the livelihood of the teacher or teachers by offering dāna.

The Development Fund

As an educational charity*, Bodhi College aims to keep the fees for our courses as low as reasonably possible. If you would like to support our commitment to make the courses available to all, irrespective of a student’s means, and help us grow and develop as an institution, we would welcome whatever you may be able to offer to our Development Fund.
*Educational Charity No. 1163320 as of 26.08.2015

The Bursary Fund

This fund has being established to support students who, for whatever reasons, cannot meet the costs of attending a Bodhi College course. If you have benefited from such a course yourself, this is an ideal way to make it possible for others to do so as well. Since 2017, we have continued to establish an adequate fund to enable the College to offer bursaries. We are most grateful for whatever you are able to contribute.

You can make your donations to either of these funds online or send a cheque to Bodhi College, payable to ‘Bodhi Sangha T/A Bodhi College’, with your choice of fund on the back of the cheque. Please send to: The Finance Department, Bodhi College, c/o Gaia House, West Ogwell, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6EW, UK.

Thank you!

How to Donate