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vajjrasana+buddhapadaOnline resources most comprehensive site for comparative work, multiple translations available excellent site with many sutta translations and texts pertaining to the Pali tradition regularly updated collection of dharma talks, including talks by the core faculty teachers great collection of Piya Tan’s Sutta Study materials

Other resources

A List of the Lists

A useful collection of the main Buddhist lists, extracted from the Pali canon.

Reading Lists

A series of bibliographies (in pdf format) with recommended reading.

Book (pdf)

Bhikkhus Sujato & Brahmali ‘The authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts’

Sujato Bhikkhu & Brahmali Bhikkhu: The authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts: Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies vol. 5 (2014), Supplement | All rights waived by means of Creative Commons Zero Licence (CC0)


Secular Buddhism: New vision or yet another of the myths it claims to cure? – Talk given at a conference on Secular Buddhism in Barre, March 2013 by Akincano Weber. (pdf) Reprint in: Insight Journal, BCBS, Fullmoon Issue, Aug 2013

Various articles or transcriptions from Stephen Batchelor (opens as an Office .doc):

Sati Journal interview – an interview by Sati Journal on the role of study in Dharma practice

Found Objects – an anecdote by Stephen

European Buddhist Union Talk – a transcription of a talk given in Budapest, Hungary, on September 25, 2010, called ‘A Buddhist Voice for Europe’

Atheism – an article on atheism

A Secular Buddhism – an essay, published in the Journal of Global Buddhism, which explores the possibility of a complete secular redefinition of Buddhism

Am I a Believer? – an essay responding to the question: Can I be a Buddhist without believing that I will survive the death of the brain, or the existence of hell?

A Secular Buddhist – A personal account from a self-declared ‘secular’ Buddhist

Mara – Act One – an operatic take on some old accounts

Bodhi College Newsletter Articles

Reflections on the Buddhist Foundations of Mindfulness Programme – Melani Sampson

Reflections from a Committed Practitioner – Caroline Hoffman

When ‘to do lists’ meet the meditation hall – Marjan Ossebaard

Reflections on the first CPP – Study Programme – Christina Feldman

Māra: The Genesis of an Opera –  Stephen Batchelor

Excerpt from ‘Boundless Heart’ by Christina Feldman

Beyond scientific materialism and religious belief – Akincano Weber

Reflections on language, Culture and social identity – John Peacock

Secular Mindfulness – potential and pitfalls – Jenny Wilks

Singing the Dharma? – Andrew Olendzki

The Secularisation of Buddhism – Stephen Batchelor

Why Early Buddhism? – Letitia Baglioni


Traditional Dhamma, Secular Dhamma – a discussion between Stephen Batchelor and Bhante Sujato on the practice of Buddhism and its relevance at the dawn of the new millennium, moderated by Tina Ng

Keynote speech from the centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice 2015 Conference – Contemporary Mindfulness – The Long View: Perils and possibilities in the path of mindfulness teaching by Christina Feldman

Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman and Akincano Weber speak briefly about Bodhi College and the core long course programme


Bodhi College launch event in London – a discussion between Stephen Batchelor, John Peacock and Akincano Weber about the significance of Early Buddhism.

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